What’s the difference between the ProSchool Page Generator & Publisher web-APPs?

The ProSchool Page Generator and Publisher APPs were created for 2 different purposes.

Productive Homeschooling Page Generator App
The ProSchool Page Generator APP was created to quickly add a title and image to our available templates. The huge benefit here is that you can quickly create a set of notebooking pages for any topic … choose a template, add a title, add an image, and in less than a minute you have a whole set of customized notebooking pages. The limitation is that you do not get to customize the font of the title or the placement of the images.


Productive Homeschooling - ProSchool Publisher App
The ProSchool Publisher APP was created with full customization options. You can create your own templates from scratch, upload a PDF you own, or use one of the templates included with the app. You can add any amount of text and customize font size, color, style, etc. You can add any amount of images, rotate, add borders, etc. You can add clip art, lines, and more. This app comes with student and teacher accounts where you can share templates/projects and image libraries.

Watch our demo videos

Productive Homeschooling - ProSchool Page Generator App DemoProductive Homeschooling - ProSchool Publisher App Demo

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