About clip art and images in Publisher

The ProSchool Publisher APP comes with a clip art library. This current library contains mostly "decorative" elements. In a future update, we will be adding historical clip art, famous people, science images, and more. This feature is not ready yet as it requires the ability to "search" clip art and that functionality is not built in the current version.

You can upload your own images to the image library. A Google or Bing image search can be super helpful! Save the images to your computer and then upload them to your ProSchool Publisher Image library. You can share these images to your students' image libraries as well.

In the ProSchool Publisher Template Library, we have included "image grids". These are great for creating a sheet of images for timelines, stickers, labels, etc.

ProSchool Publisher APP - Image GridsProductive Homeschooling - ProSchool Publisher App

Our Homeschool Story

Do you wrestle with these questions? I did!

  • What's the MEASURE of your homeschooled child's SUCCESS?
  • Will he graduate with MORE than a piece of paper that says,"I AM EDUCATED."
  • How much has he TRULY learned? How much will he REMEMBER?
  • Does he have a LOVE of learning that DRIVES him to be a LIFE-LONG, SELF-TAUGHT learner?
  • <<< Click the video to hear our story.