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Busywork. Boredom. Burnout.

It doesn't matter what curriculum you use, what method you follow, or how many children you have.


Dear Homeschool Mom,

Are you tired of chasing after the perfect curriculum?

How about comparing yourself to other homeschoolers?

And worrying if your kids measure up to educational standards?

I was! Here's my story.

Our Homeschool Story

Click "play video" to hear out story of going from stressful homeschooling to successful homeschooling.

Debra Reed

I wanted them to enjoy learning.

After 6 years of homeschooling, I knew I wasn’t giving my kids the 'best of the best'. I didn’t want them to turn out like me: a great student who 20 years later, with high school and college diplomas in hand, doesn’t remember much of anything taught.  I wanted the knowledge to stick.  I wanted them to enjoy learning.  And ... I wanted our days back!


It's your turn to
Make learning memorable & enjoyable.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

3 Essential Tools

#1 Interesting Books

Choose books that draw you in, paint a vivid picture of the history, the story, or topic studied. Choose books written by authors whose excitement for their field of study shines through in their writing.

Jessie reading

#2 Art of Narration

Narration in its simplest terms is telling back what you read, heard, or experienced.  There are a variety of ways to "tell back" ... verbally, in writing, a drawing, drama, creating something physical, etc.

Eric Notebooking

#3 Grand Finale ... Notebooking!

With notebooking, your child creates a unique, personalized notebook compiled of his narrations, reports, drawings, personal insights, observations, copywork, maps, photographs of artwork or models he has built, and whatever else he would like to add. This notebook (or binder) is a scrapbook of learning experiences written and illustrated by your child.


When you combine these 3 tools and use them consistently, you provide a more engaging, effective, and enjoyable learning experience than your traditional textbook/worksheet/test approach. You're not limited to a particular curriculum. You can choose your own studies and your own books.

Using these 3 tools together builds active listening, effective communication, and deeper thinking skills.

  1. Engaged reading & active listening skills
    He spends time in a book that's interesting and engages his mind. He knows at the end of his reading he will give an account for what he read, so he becomes more disciplined in his focus.  
  2. Effective communication skills
    After reading, he will tell or show someone what he has read using his own words. Seems easy, but this is definitely a skill that takes practice. 
  3. Deeper thinking, organization, creative, & writing skills
    He assimilates what he's learned and then creates his own unique piece of visual and/or written content to add to his notebook.

The more he uses these tools, the more skilled he becomes at

  • extracting important information.
  • synthesizing information with his opinions and previous experiences.
  • organizing what he’s learned and teaching it back.

After spending such meaningful time with his studies, your child becomes a storyteller, a teacher, even an expert.  

He's not quickly going to forget what he's studied over the years.  And when needed, he will have his collection of treasured notebooks to jog his memory.

Collection of Notebooking Pages

Notebooking develops priceless 
skills in your children.

HOW MUCH TIME does this add to our day?

This approach is not about adding more to your day. 

It's going to free up time in your day! 

Cut out the busywork that's not working and replace it with notebooking.

We provide a ProSchooling Quick-Start Guide to lead you step-by-step.

Brianna Bible notebooking

notebooking before & after

Before notebooking:

"I DON'T REMEMBER what I learned."

After notebooking:

"Let me SHOW YOU what I learned."

Notebooking takes less time and
makes a longer lasting impression than your current busywork!

what if my child hates writing?

Notebooking can be a lifesaver for the child that hates or is reluctant to write. Let him choose a topic he loves and send him off to the library to search for books on this topic.

  • For one of my sons, it was DINOSAURS.
  • For one of my daughters, it was FROGS.
  • For an older child, it may be a hobby, a favorite literature series, a particular topic in science or event in history.

Often times, just skimming through our topical notebooking pages collections provides a good place to start.

Alex turtles notebooking

After spending time in his books, ask him to (narrate) tell you about what he learned. If this is truly his passion, then he will likely have lots to tell you!

Ask him to write about:

  • What he found most fascinating.
  • The new things he learned that he didn't know before.

If he needs some help framing out these ideas, GREAT!
Little by little, build from one sentence to two, from two sentences to a paragraph, from one paragraph to several, etc.

Elizabeth notebooking

One day at a time, one page at a time, he builds this first notebook. He creates a cover page. He begins adding other interesting tidbits: maybe a list of interesting facts and figures, a poem or song about his topic, a quote from a famous person, maps, a timeline.  He can add anything related to his topic.

His notebook takes shape, he takes pride in his work, and soon enough...
a more confident writer is born!

You are not limited to a curriculum plan or scope & sequence.
Your child’s interests can provide the content.

Notebooking provides a natural and unintimidating way to develop
research, organization, and writing skills.

what about high school?

Notebooking is AWESOME for high school students!

This process of reading, narrating, and notebooking builds deeper levels of thinking in your child. We don't want to hang this up at the high school level. This is where years of preparation begin to pay off.

I understand the pressure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s with high school children.  Some book and curriculum choices may be out of your control.  So what if that is you?  Or what if you want to use textbooks or curriculum that's not as interestingly written?

Jessie high school science notebooking

Here’s our experience.  Without notebooking, my high school kids actually did very well with textbooks and the typical chapter reviews and tests. However, a week or two after finishing the chapter, they would mysteriously forget most of what they "learned".  Sound familiar?

This was the proof I needed to keep notebooking through high school. We use notebooking with the textbooks! 

They notebook the chapters and skip any worksheets and busywork type assignments. At the end of the chapter, they take the test for our high school records. There is a HUGE improvement in their retention, PLUS they now have an awesome reference notebook.

Notebooking is not limited to writing summaries or narratives. In the younger years, most of the writing is in narrative form. However, in the middle years and especially in high school, we include more essays, research reports, literature analyses, persuasive writing pieces, etc.

High school science notebooking

Notebooking with Apologia's Biology course.

Biology dissection

Not everything they add to their notebook has to be a formal writing assignment either. Use the notebook as a way to organize notes, collect research, build a portfolio, journal, sketch, brainstorm, mind map, etc.

Notebooking in high school provides a great way to document learning and make learning count.

With our ProSchool Publisher drag-n-drop publishing tool, older kids are not limited to pencil/paper, but can do their notebooking and writing on the computer as well!  You can add images and text directly to the page.  Create multi-page projects, import your own PDFs to work on, and more.

Don't compromise a meaningful education
for a well filled out transcript!

Our end game is not a high school diploma.
Our goal is to develop mature, independent life-long learners.

It's time for a more confident, relaxed, and productive homeschool.

Introducing ...

Productive Homeschooling's


The ProSchool Membership is a library of downloadable notebooking pages, printables, and homeschool helps created to help you be more confident, relaxed and productive in your homeschool.   

Our ProSchooling Quick-Start Guide shows you step-by-step how to gently transition from busywork to using the 3 tools mentioned above (interesting books, narration, and notebooking).

ProSchool Membership - Productive Homeschooling

Watch a quick tour.

This is not a curriculum or curriculum plan.  

However, many members tell us that they use our library of topical notebooking pages as their guide through many studies.

You can use our notebooking pages with a curriculum or without. Our family does both!

Notebooking frees you to learn effectively with whatever resources you choose to use for your studies.

ProSchool MembersHIP INCLUDES:

all of our notebooking pages, printables, 
and homeschool helps ...

PLUS our online Page Generator tool.

Because the sky should be the limit

... we created the ProSchool Page Generator!

We created this tool for our ProSchool Members because there are literally millions of topics your children could want to notebook about.  

Using ProSchool Page Generator, within minutes, probably less than a minute ... watch the demo, you can create a personalized set of notebooking pages on any topic.  

No fuss. No wasted time. No limits.

Page Generator Demonstration Video

Watch a quick demonstration.

After you choose an image (Google/Bing search is great) or take your own picture:

  • Pick your notebooking template from our library
  • Type your topic's title
  • Upload your image
  • and click GENERATE.

That's it!  

Quick, personalized, topical notebooking pages in less than a minute.  

How's that for productive!

*This is a web-based computer application. An internet connection is required. It is not suitable for mobile devices.


This is a brand new program that opened April 2019.  We have filled the library with thousands of notebooking pages covering hundreds of topics from our previous membership site (see sets below). Many of these sets are also getting a face-lift (Summer 2019) plus new additional page and layouts.

Each month we will add more NEW resources including:

  • Homeschool Printables:
    - notebooking pages
    - planning pages
    - reference pages and more
  • Homeschool Helps: How-to's, Quick Tips, Q&As
  • Resource Recommendations
  • Special bonuses from our favorite homeschool publishers



ProSchooling Quick-Start Guide - Productive Homeschooling

ProSchooling Quick-Start Guide

  • Part 1 | Changing Your Mindset (Busywork and Square Pegs)
  • Part 2 | The Glue that Makes it Stick Together (Narrations)
  • Part 3 | Make Learning Memorable / Make Learning Last (Notebooking)
  • Part 4 | A Smooth Ride (Avoiding Roadblocks, Potholes, and Detours)
  • More Information




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  3D Notebooking System with Mini-books 

  Basic Lined and Borders

  (NEW) Boxes and Borders


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  Alphabet Pages


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  A to Z Animals

  A to Z Sports

  A to Z Transportation


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  Character Study


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  Animal Designs

  Christmas Designs

  Floral Designs

  Patriotic Designs

  Simple Designs: Celtic | Checkered | Circle | Diamond | Spiral | Star | Winter


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  African Americans

  American Presidents

  American First Ladies

  Artists & Picture Study

  Composers & Music Study


  People in Church History



  World Explorers



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  Book of Centuries / Timeline Notebooking System

  History of Ancient Times

  History of Middle Ages

  History of Early Modern Times

  History of Modern Times


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  Latin & Greek Word Study Pages


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  Literature Study / Book Report Notebooking Pages


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  A to Z Topics

  Animals - All About Birds

  Animals - Amphibians

  Animals - Birds of the World

  Animals - Dinosaurs

  Animals - Fish

  Animals - Mammals

  Animals - Marine Invertebrates

  Animals - North American Birds

  Animals - Reptiles

  Animals - Tropical Birds

  Nature Study (various topics)

We are loving notebooking! Let me just say it has completely changed our school for the better. Now the girls are really excited to "do school". I was about to give up even though I knew it was what God wanted us to do. School was just drudgery. This has breathed new life into our home and days. How could something so simple provide such relief? If you can't enjoy what you are doing, then, what is the point? We are so happy to be notebooking.

Amanda R in MS

I’m a homeschooling mom of 4 children who are various ages. One child has moderate/severe ADHD. We’ve tried various ways of learning and found that notebooking and lapbooking was the most successful and the best received. We’ve been using these wonderful notebooking pages for years! Each time we begin a new unit, I simply log in to print the needed pages and we are on our way to another great learning adventure. These pages have saved me so much time over the years and I am truly grateful for all of your efforts. I always recommend these pages to friends and family!


We started out using the ABC books and have moved up as my children get older. We now use the history pages with our Story of the World studies. We use the science sheets to keep up with experiments with Apologia. One of the things I like most about the pages is that you can use them in so many ways and with so many programs! I love too that I can hop on and print out EXACTLY what I need…like the president pages that we used to study through all the presidents! Recently Debra added a program to write your own copywork sheets in CURSIVE!!! No more buying copybooks that “aren’t quite right!” Now I can make my own and have exactly what we need (with pictures too!!) I cannot wait to get started. We benefit in some many ways from these pages and I appreciate NOT having to do the work! 🙂

Leesa C.

I have 4 kids 8,8,4 & 3. When we started homeschooling 2 years ago I was so overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to make sure they retained what we learned. I was so thrilled to find a way to make sure they were retaining information, practicing their writing skills, improving their handwriting, all while having a good time. This was the answer! As I started notebooking I learning that even beyond being great for my 8 year olds, the little ones (4 &3) enjoying coloring, drawing and beginning their writing skills on the notebook pages as well! Now it’s a full family activity, and I am able to give each child a page that is at their level in the same subject! A total homeschool homerun!

Jen S.


ProSchool Membership - Productive Homeschooling

ProSchool Membership
w/Page Generator


ProSchool Membership - Productive Homeschooling

ProSchool Membership
w/Page Generator


ProSchool Membership - Productive Homeschooling

ProSchool Membership
w/Page Generator


Pay once for lifetime access.  
Includes Membership and Page Generator. 

Anything you download and/or create during your subscription is yours to keep.