Canadian Province Study Notebooking Pages

Canadian Province Study Notebooking Pages


13 individual Canadian province study notebooking sets. Each set contains over 100 notebooking pages.

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  • over 100 notebooking pages for each province
  • regular line option

Each set includes:

  • Notebook Cover
  • Fast Facts & Figures Page
  • Map Pages - Province (3)
  • Provincial Symbol Template Pages (flag & coat of arms graphics included)
  • Famous Landmarks Template Page
  • Template Pages for Topics with the following themes:
    Blank Templates for your own topics (6), Current Events (6)
    Customs/Cultures (6), Economy (6), Famous People (6), Food (6), Geography (6), Government (6), History (6), Inventions (6), Language (6), Population (6), Science / Technology (6), Tourism (6), Wildlife (6)


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It has allowed me to have another area of rest!

Thank you for your program. It has allowed me to have another area of rest! My kiddos are self directed in their written narration but are still so very proud to show me their work!

Jessica Watkins in New York
Our Homeschool Story

Do you wrestle with these questions? I did!

  • What's the MEASURE of your homeschooled child's SUCCESS?
  • Will he graduate with MORE than a piece of paper that says,"I AM EDUCATED."
  • How much has he TRULY learned? How much will he REMEMBER?
  • Does he have a LOVE of learning that DRIVES him to be a LIFE-LONG, SELF-TAUGHT learner?
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