Canadian Province Study Notebooking Pages

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Canadian Province Study Notebooking Pages


13 individual Canadian province study notebooking sets. Each set contains over 100 notebooking pages.

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*This product is a digital PDF download.


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  • over 100 notebooking pages for each province
  • regular line option

Each set includes:

  • Notebook Cover
  • Fast Facts & Figures Page
  • Map Pages - Province (3)
  • Provincial Symbol Template Pages (flag & coat of arms graphics included)
  • Famous Landmarks Template Page
  • Template Pages for Topics with the following themes:
    Blank Templates for your own topics (6), Current Events (6)
    Customs/Cultures (6), Economy (6), Famous People (6), Food (6), Geography (6), Government (6), History (6), Inventions (6), Language (6), Population (6), Science / Technology (6), Tourism (6), Wildlife (6)


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The notebooking journey has awakened something fresh and exciting in our school time.

The notebooking journey has awakened something fresh and exciting in our school time. I was struggling to 'organize' what the kids were learning in history and science and truthfully, just wanted to inject some FUN into those two subjects with minimal prep time.

I have found the templates from the membership collection to be outstanding help for each my 7 students--from my really creative children to my reluctant writers--and well worth the money we invested in it.

My children are pleased to see their history and science notebooks taking shape. With notebooking pages by their sides, they have created something to be really proud of!

Kristen Fagala in Texas

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