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Narration Helps

If the idea of narration is new to you, I encourage you to check out the links below. They will give you even deeper insight than what I have provided in this series.

Living Books Resource Lists

I encourage you to choose the very best books for your children — books that draw you in, paint a vivid picture of the history, the story, and/or capture the author’s excitement for the topic he presents. In other words, I recommend choosing living books when possible.  They are the 3rd essential tool (narration, notebooking, & living books) in our ProSchooling tool belt.

Notebooking Videos

I was over the moon to find Shelley Sangrey's "There's No Place Like Home" YouTube channel. Shelley does an amazing job sharing her family's experiences with notebooking and everything homeschooling.  


Notebooking & Planner Pages