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I was the worn-out, stressed and busy homeschooler.

Homeschooling wasn't working out like I envisioned. I felt like a slave to the curriculum. Each day, I pushed myself and the kids through the lessons, but ended up feeling like a failure whether we finished or not.

After 6 years of suffering schooling this way, I found new tools that helped me shift my mindset, cut the busywork from our day, and take the reigns of our homeschool, with confidence. Learning became more engaging, more effective, more enjoyable and easier.

At, I come alongside you, not as an expert, but as an experienced friend and homeschooler of over 20 years, to share what I've learned and the tools I've created to help you become a more confident, relaxed and productive homeschooler.

Debra Reed

Debra Reed

Homeschooling mom of 10

Do you need help with your homeschool?

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Our HOmeschooling Tips & Stories

Our Homeschool Story

Our Homeschool Story (video)

I struggled with homeschool overwhelm for six years before I found our cure. The answer was not a new method, a better curriculum, or a more organized schedule. I'd love to share our story ...
Fraught Homeschooling Mom

Stress to Success (Part 1): Doom & Gloom of Homeschooling

We all have days (maybe weeks, months, even years), where we are plain worn out, discouraged, or frustrated with homeschooling. Homeschooling just isn’t working out like we thought it would (or should) ...
3 Homeschooling Myth Traps

Stress to Success (Part 2): 3 Homeschooling Myth Traps

I'm sure you have asked yourself this question at least a few times, "Why am I homeschooling?" There are different ways we would each answer this question depending on the immediate circumstances ...
Playing in the Park

Stress to Success (Part 3): Victory over Busywork

I was no longer trapped by a method, a curriculum, or an ideal schedule. It was at this turning point that I took the advice of another homeschool mom ...
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