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I was the worn-out, stressed and busy homeschooler.

Homeschooling wasn’t working out as I envisioned. I felt like a slave to the curriculum. Each day, I pushed myself and the kids through the lessons but ended up feeling like a failure whether we finished or not.

After 6 years of suffering schooling this way, I found new tools that helped me shift my mindset, cut the busywork from our day, and take the reigns of our homeschool, with confidence. Learning became more engaging, more effective, more enjoyable, and easier.

At, I come alongside you, not as an expert, but as an experienced friend and homeschooler of over 20 years, to share what I’ve learned and the tools I’ve created to help you become a more confident, relaxed, and productive homeschooler.

Debra ReedPin

Debra Reed

Homeschooling mom of 10

Our Story… Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Video


I’m happy to share what I’ve learned through our free resources and step-by-step Quick Start Guide!


How much notebooking do you do each day in your homeschool?Pin

How much notebooking do you do each day in your homeschool?

We use notebooking to capture what we are learning and to practice our writing skills. Notebooking begins with engaging books, oral narration, and open-ended Socratic discussion. After all, you must have something to write before you can put pen (or ...
What do we write and how much?Pin

What Do We Write and How Much?

Does writing have this effect on any of your children? As soon as you tell them to open their notebook, it begins. Their eyes bounce around like the ball in a pinball machine. It's impossible to focus on the paper ...
Your First Notebooking ExperiencePin

Your First Notebooking Experience

Please do not wait until you think you have everything figured out and you think you have all the right supplies to start implementing notebooking. Make the time and dig in with your kids! ...
Our Language Arts NotebookPin

Our Language Arts Notebook

Notebooking topical studies like history, science, Bible, & even literature are easy to do. I get asked many times, "How do you notebook language arts?" ...
Notebooking with a Structured Writing PlanPin

Notebooking with a Structured Writing Plan

It is less stressful for most kids to talk about a topic than to write about it. When beginning notebooking, I ask the kids for immediate oral narrations rather than a written summary or report ...
Homeschooling with CopyworkPin

Homeschooling with Copywork

What is Copywork? Copywork is copying a piece of well-written work, from any variety of sources, onto paper or into a notebook ...
How to do Notebooking with Younger ChildrenPin

How to do notebooking with younger children?

I do not start formal notebooking until my children are proficient with 3 skills. By "formal notebooking" I mean creating notebooks for specific subjects/studies that include written narrations, reports, summaries, etc ...
Bind your own notebooking with the ProClick Binding MachinePin

How to use the ProClick Binding Machine to bind your own notebooks

You can create your own sketchbook, planner, journal, or other type of notebook. You can also snip the spines to make smaller size notebooks like my kids' quiet time journals pictured below ...
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