3D & Mini-Books Notebooking Pages

3D Notebooking Pages & Mini-Books


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These notebooking pages combined with our mini-books make for quick, easy, and fun 3-dimensional notebooking.

Notebooking pages include:

  • 3 sets of borders: colored, patterns, and fancy
  • 20 pages options for each set
  • both regular and primary-line options
  • frames on pages are sized to fit mini-books

Mini-books to add to square frames on notebooking pages include:

  • Foldable Mini-Book Template
  • Matchbook Mini-Book Template
  • Pop-Up Mini-Book Template
  • Shutterfold Mini-Book Template

Mini-books to add to rectangular frames on notebooking pages include:

  • Layered Mini-Book Template
  • Top-Tab Mini-Book Template

Not sold separately. Included with the ProSchool Membership.

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